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Green Tech: Connecting Opportunities in Green Technology and Lab Design

Green Tech is your bridge to a promising career in the rapidly expanding green market sector. As the world's fastest-growing economic segment, green technology not only leads in renewable energy and efficiency but also drives pioneering lab designs.

This dynamic sector is set to generate over 100,000 jobs in California and a staggering 37 million nationwide. These opportunities span building design, construction, science, engineering, and now, lab design.

Our focus is equipping students with specialized skills, from construction to lab design, ensuring they're ready to excel in various industries. Green Tech isn't just about education; it's about:

Technical Expertise: From energy-efficient structures to innovative lab designs, we cover the skills employers seek.

Job Placement: We connect graduates with positions, including those in lab design firms valuing creativity and sustainability.

Holistic Approach: Our mentorship cultivates not just technical abilities but also life skills for enduring success.

Lab Design for Impact: Integrating lab design into our curriculum molds the next wave of innovators driving scientific advancement.

In conclusion, Green Tech merges innovation and lab design, preparing you not only for today's opportunities but also for a sustainable tomorrow.



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Solar Energy Systems Installer

Landscape Engineer

Wind Turbine Machinist

Hydro-Electric Engineer

Landfill Gas Technician


Plant Safety Engineer

Safety Investigator

Soil Conservation Technician

Forestry Supervisor

Energy Commission Specialist

Smart Grid Engineer

Power System Operator

Water Systems Designers

Lighting and HVAC Energy Engineer

and MORE.......







P.O. Box 188976
Sacramento, CA 958818

ph: (916) 643-5876